Crave Theology

Where does CRAVE MCC stand theologically?

Before we begin, let’s say that at our church, including and celebrating every person is more important than being right. So, no matter where you come from, what you believe in, or where you’re ‘at’ in your journey with God, our community will accept you. There are no right and wrong answers at CRAVE, we encourage every person to think through issues themselves.

Having said that, many people ask us where we are coming from theologically, and we want to be upfront about who we are. Here are a few basics points about where we stand, and what you are likely to hear the leaders of CRAVE saying about faith.

CRAVE’s theology reflects our core values. We are a Dynamic, Inclusive and Progressive church.



For us, Dynamic means that we value relationship with Jesus and each other, and we believe that relationships are living and active by God’s spirit.

CRAVE stands in relationship with the historical Christian Church by affirming the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds as the basis of our faith:

The Apostles’ Creed speaks about belief in God, and in the life death and resurrection of Jesus. It describes the Christian life as one of forgiveness, community and hope in the resurrection and eternal life.

The Nicene Creed affirms belief in two crucial aspects of the Christian faith: the Trinity (One God who is three persons: God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit), and the Incarnation (Jesus is God, and in Jesus, God became authentically human in every way).

More specifically, we identify as Charismatic and Evangelical, because:

· Following Jesus as master and saviour is the absolute bedrock of our faith.

· We know Jesus through the Bible, so we place great importance on the Bible.

· We believe God is present & powerful in daily life.

· We uphold that the Holy Spirit and Spiritual gifts are available to contemporary Christians.




Means that we are not interested in setting ourselves aside as holy, and condemning or excluding people who are different to us.

· We believe all are worthy of the Gospel and welcome in the arms of God.

· We’re not a ‘single issue church’, nor are we targetting any one generation, or particular group of people. Our message is for all people.

· We don’t just say the words ‘everyone is welcome’ – we really accept everyone wholeheartedly.



Means that we are not interested in upholding traditional values, old-fashioned forms of worship or the institutions of the organised church. We think God has a message and a mission that is appropriate for this time, this people, and this culture.

· We think faith without action is dead, and we are therefore socially and politically active, and forward thinking in our dreams for this world.

· We recognise that everyone is on a journey, and that their journey might not be to agree with us in every way.

· So, we encourage independent thought on the journey of spiritual growth.


That is where we stand. We don’t ask you to agree with us on every issue, but we do ask you to be open to what God is saying to you.