We value relationship with Jesus and each other, and we believe that relationships are living and active by God’s spirit. We are Charismatic and Evangelical, because: Following Jesus as master and saviour is the foundation of our faith. We treasure the bible, as the place we discovered Jesus, and a place to meet with him daily. We believe God is present & powerful in daily life. We uphold that the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts are available to contemporary Christians.


We are not interested in setting ourselves aside as “holy”, and condemning or excluding people who are different to us. We believe all are worthy of the Gospel and welcome in the arms of God. We’re not a ‘single issue church’, or a “young peoples church”. Our message is for all people. We don’t just say ‘everyone is welcome’ – we really do imbrace everyone wholeheartedly.


We are not interested in upholding “traditional values”, “old-fashioned” forms of worship or the institutions of the organised church. We think God has a message and a mission that is relevent for this time, these people, and our culture.

CRAVE MCC - Dynamic - Inclusive - Progressive

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“Why God chooses to dwell in Darkness – Karl Hand”


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